Minimum Investment. Maximum Results.

I'm a consulting engineer who primarily works from home. It's my dream job and it's your way to save a lot of money. It's a Win-Win situation.
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Future-proofing with knowledge

Unlike far too many developers, I actually take the time to research emerging technologies and learn them. It's this knowledge that can help future-proof your projects.

Additionally, today's developers should consider taking full advantage of revision control, continuious integration techniques and microservices design patterns in all projects. With the adoption of these best practices, we all win.


Propietary or Open Source?

I work primarily in Open Source technologies like Apache, Nginx, Traefik, MySQL, PHP, Python, GoLang, Docker, to name a few. However, if your project requires .NET or Java technologies, I may be able to help you, depending on your project needs. This is especially true if you need to convert legacy applications into Docker images as part of a modernization strategy. Don't worry, you don't have to give away your source code if you adopt Open Source technology in your business applications or website.


Software distribution

Unless otherwise specified, all my projects are now built, shipped and deployed in Docker containers. If your business hasn't explored the benefits of dockerizing your applications, we should talk.

No more dependency hell or things breaking when operating systems get updated. Deploy anywhere. Bare metal, VM's or on any Docker node or in a high availability swarm enviornment. Docker is now mature enough to use in production.
It's Reliable, fast and secure.

Developer of Bigfoot CMS

In 2009 I began development of the very first iteration of Commnetivity CMS. Today, this software is used on many dozens of websites. I am currently re-building the CMS from the ground up as Bigfoot CMS, and it is awesome. Stay tuned for that.

When it comes to content management systems, there are plenty of choices, yet after all these years not a single one solved pure HTML templates, 'til i built it.

If you want to see Bigfoot CMS available sooner, you should consider sponsoring me. Since it will be open source so you aren't just helping me, you'll be helping everyone.

So I built a Content Management System. Now what?

Well, i did just make Realty Website automation better and now I'm also making web audio streaming better also.
Check out my and Streamcastify offerings. There's a lot happening and I'm just beginning.
Other notable web properties include JustFreeSoftware , as well as XYZ Authenticated .

Professionally coded Realty Websites

Premium quality automated Realty Websites built for speed with limitless customizations starting at just $1,999 down and only $100/mo. (Not available in all markets)

Telecommuting is cool, but sometimes face time is better.

I am conveniently situated near the heart of Silicon Valley. If you need me to be physically present for the bigger challenges, I am available.

I am no longer available for in-person related work as I am now wrapping up various projects as well as working full time on ECS (see below).

Hate robocalls? We're looking for talent and funding to solve this problem.

I am part of a new startup which is bootstrapping because we need to keep control of private information out of the hands of venture capitalists. We are going to put a stop to unwanted robocalls once and for all and our vision doesn't stop there.

Our startup, "Enhanced Communications Services" is just getting warmed up. Whant to know more?