This is by far one of the most complicated projects i've ever worked on. The first itteration of BigfootCMS is Commnetivity CMS, developed in 2009 and ran many dozens of websites efficiently.

BigfootCMS is Commnetivity CMS reincarnate. Built upon the tiny Fat Free Framework, BigfootCMS integrates MySQL routing, virtual paths, sitelevels and dynamics and even borrows a hook system extracted from WordPress.

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Fact: Realty Websites are difficult to build. Over time and many code refactoring sessions I have narrowed down the most efficient way to build a plugin on top of RETS data feeds that have been processed into SQL tables data, then rewrote that into a BigfootCMS plugin.

The use of this plugin requires a subscription to, another one of my projects, mentioned below.

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Realty Agents use Multi-listing services to publish their realty listings. The Realty industry has adopted the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) as a way to integrate this data into their websites and other products.

Unfortunately, RETS Feed Servers are often slow and sometimes down during maintainance or when they reach capacity. RETSQL is a new service offered in limited markets to automated the conversion of RETS data feeds to SQL databases and offers CDN's for image and document hosting.

At this time, RETSQL is only available in Del Norte County with new markets coming soon. See website for information.

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Uniden Digital Scanner Web API & Android/iOS App

As a scanner hobbiest, I often find myself wanting to control my digital scanner over the internet through a web interface. I would also like to broadcast to multiple audio relay servers. There are solutions available already, but none that I was satisfied with. This is among my first project in which I am writing 100% of the code in GoLang. More informaiton about this project will be released soon, but it is not a priority at this time.

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Asterisk for BigfootCMS

Let's face it, Asterisk is one of the best projects to build feature rich phone systems on. Unfortunately the existing interfaces i've seen and used are clunky at best and can break easily.

This project is starting before the end of 2018 and should be wrapped up by February of 2019.

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Hate robocalls? We're looking for talent and funding to solve this problem.

I am part of a new startup which is bootstrapping because we need to keep control of private information out of the hands of venture capitalists. We are going to put a stop to unwanted robocalls once and for all and our vision doesn't stop there.

Our startup, "Enhanced Communications Services" is just getting warmed up. Whant to know more?